We can repair most makes of button makers.

We can repair most makes of button makers including button jams and other issues.  Button Makers are pretty straight forward so it may help you to watch this cool Button Guy video "How to unjam your button maker" before you send it anywhere.  If you watch the video and decide you still need a fix up or repair then Contact Us.

Why Buy a Used Button Maker?

One of the first things to realize is button maker machine design has not changed in 30 years.  Also most good button makers are just big chunks of solid metal.  So a 30 year old button maker is easy to fix up and the supplies for good button makers are cheap and readily available today.  Of course there are some exceptions.  Some button companies over the years have introduced their own sizes so when they dissapeared so did the special buttons needed.  I only sell machines where the parts are readily available from any of the big suppliers.  I stand by my machines.  Buy with confidence.

Need a button maker repair? Contact me!

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Need some custom buttons made. We currently have a special offer!

100 2-1/4" Custom buttons delivered: $50 + tax.

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