Well used 2-1/4" button maker. Button Maker is well used but makes buttons well every time. Comes with 100 button parts to make 100 buttons with your own design. $199 + tax This is a solid metal pro model button maker.


Buying a used button maker can certainly save alot of money.  When buying a second hand button making machine you need to test the machine.  Simply sit with the machine and make 20, 30 or better 50 buttons.  Are they all perfect?  Look for damage to the mylar.  Try to pull the buttons apart.  Are your buttons tight? Or do they fall apart?

Another important issue is can you get more supplies?  Just getting a bag of supplies with the machine only helps a little.  Make sure you can get more!  What about other items:  Magnets, Key-chains, Mirrors etc  Are they available.

Watch out for Chinese button makers.  There are alot of broken plastic button makers out there from China.  They take button parts in mm sizes and the parts are much more expensive than standard North American button parts.

Age of a button maker does not matter.  An 40 year old solid metal button maker is great.  Just test it first!  All the machines I sell are tested..  I only sell button makers where the button parts are easily available.  I avoid button makers with plastic parts: they don't last.  A good button maker lasts a lifetime.